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Busan in My Eyes

on 6 December 2011

Busan (taken from Wikipedia)I’ve been 3 months in Busan but not yet write something about this city. Busan is South Korea’s second largest metropolis after Seoul. By any chance, Busan is the sister city of Surabaya (yay! my city). If you ask me how long to catch Busan from Seoul, it takes 2 hours 40 minutes by KTX (Korea Train eXpress) or 6~7 hours by bus.

We can see the maps to imagine how big the city of Busan is 🙂

Map of South Korea

Map of South Korea (taken from http://bit.ly/tWjtlM)

Busan map

Busan map (taken from http://bit.ly/vGl09N)

At first I came here (September 2011) the weather still feels good for me. It reminds me of the city I love so much Malang. But in the end of November, the autumn looks alike will be enter winter. The coldest temperature I’ve ever record is 0 degree Celcius!

Actually I don’t really know about this city before I came here. I just knew some information about Busan. One of my bestfriend who really likes K-drama “Delightful Girl Choonhyang” (DGC) cried happily when I told her (on this August) that I will fly to Busan to have my master degree. Honestly I never watch DGC when it aired 2005 in Indonesian TV, that’s why I didn’t know about Busan, I didn’t know the story of DGC, and of course I didn’t know the love story of Choonhyang & Mongryong! But finally I saw the K-drama last month because one of my friend just download it. After seeing the serial, I understand why my bestfriend loves it so much. I do googling and find out that DGC is the 2005 interpretation of the Korean clasical story in the era of Joseon Dinasty. In this series, actually mostly the scenes show about Seoul and Namwon, but in the end Choonhyang hide herself in Busan for some reason. I believe that the scene was not originally taken in Busan because they don’t show the other places except Choonhyang’s residence 😀

These are some pictures that I capture around my campus 🙂 [click at the picture to enlarge]

Red on December

Red on December

[another photos will be uploaded soon since it transferred into my friend external hard disk]


5 responses to “Busan in My Eyes

  1. Lintang says:

    Thanks for your story, but … give some depth please, you live there right now 🙂
    So, I have to get first hand information as much and as long you live there 🙂

    Kidding sist… 😀
    Great pictures.. The camera has been used very well 🙂

  2. tantri says:

    you remind me how frozen is in Europe… and you “push me up” to get the scholarship to the cold 4 weather country like what you do :)… so happy to read your posting Nelly…. ^_* it getting me so so so feel missing with the cold country.. i miss snow so much… huuhuuu…. waiting for your pulau jeju trip posting… heheh…
    ihhh aku iri sama kamu neng Nelly… heheheh…
    sukses selalu yaah di Korea….

  3. @Lintang: indeed, sista 🙂

    @tantri: aamiin, thanks for the wish 🙂 i know your chances are much bigger than me, just grab it dear 😀

    betewe, blogmu udah ku-list di https://theonlynelly.wordpress.com/links/ ya neng 😉

  4. dienespw says:

    aaaaggghhhi’m envi with you neee….pengeen ke korea, ke jeju island yang masuk 7 wonder.. huhu… nelly hwaitinggg ^_^

  5. […] Busan dilangsungkan sebuah festival kebudayaan negara-negara di dunia dan kota-kota yang merupakan sister city dari […]

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