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CISAK (Conference of Indonesian Students Association at Korea) 2012

on 2 August 2012
CISAK 2012

CISAK 2012

3 weeks ago at 7 th and 8th July 2012, CISAK 2012 (Conference of Indonesian Students Association at Korea) held by the Indonesian Students Association in South Korea (ISAIK / Perpika) in Daejeon, the science and technology city of South Korea. CISAK 2012 is the 5th annual conference  event of Perpika’s continued commitment to advance the education since the first CISAK on 2008.

CISAK 2012′ program divided into 2 days: the first day’ (July 7th) program is a visit tour to ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) and National Science Museum; and the second day’ (July 8th) program is main of the conference event which are consist of keynote speaker, presentation, and poster sessions. 

Unfortunately i can’t join the first day’ CISAK program, thus i can’t provide you any pictures from there. I go to Daejeon at Sunday (July 8th) morning with Dini and another 16 students from any university in Busan & Ulsan. We’re all gathered at the meeting point, Pukyong National University (45 minutes by subway from my campus Pusan National University). We go to Daejeon by free bus named Bis Ceria (Happy Bus :D) provide by Perpika. The travel from Busan to Daejeon took 3.5 hours (include 30 minutes break in rest area).

I eat this 문어와 오징어 in rest area :9

I eat this 문어와 오징어 (octopus and squid) in rest area ᄏᄏᄏ :9


The conference take place at the Plenary Hall of the University of Science of Technology (UST):

University of Science of Technology (UST), Korea

University of Science of Technology (UST), Korea [Picture courtesy: Lidya Andari http://andarilidya.blogspot.com/%5D

CISAK registration desk

CISAK registration desk

In front of CISAK' venue

In front of CISAK’ venue


And this is the venue 🙂

Iwa Kartiwa giving his speech

Iwa Kartiwa giving his speech

After Adji (Chair of Organizing Committee CISAK) open the event by his speech, then it is Iwa (Perpika’ Vice President) giving his speech substituting Andy Tirta (Perpika’ President) who’s on Los Angeles, USA, at that day to attend the Congress of Indonesian Diaspora. Actually both of their speech was very great, too bad i wasn’t record it 😦


After the opening ceremony, the next session is Technical Presentation which are divided into 4 rooms  with different clusters:

  1. Room 1: Education; Urban and Environmental Planning
  2. Room 2: Social Science and Humanity; Economic Development Acceleration; Energy
  3. Room 3: Food and Science Technology; Medicine and Biotechnology
  4. Room 4: Electronic, Communication, and Informatics; Science and Technology Information

Since my major ain’t include in those, so i just choose to go to Room 4 with Dini (her major is Computer Science).

Zulfikar Yurnaidi (Perpika's 5th President) as the chair of Room 4 Technical Session

Zulfikar Yurnaidi (Perpika’s 5th President) as the chair of Room 4 Technical Session

After the oral presentations from Thomhert Siadari and Eddy Hartono Halim, respectively, it is time for the invited speaker to give a presentation. In room 4, the invited speaker is Hardian Reza D., PhD (Perpika’s 4th President) who’s now working on LG Electronics, Korea. When i’m typing this post, i just realized that both of them (Zulfikar and Hardian) are the former President of Perpika 😀

Mr. Hardian's presentation

Dr. Hardian’s presentation for Science and Technology Innovation


The next program is Poster session, we vote for poster that we like (i prefer say that sentence aforementioned than using “we vote for the best poster” :D). The poster that becomes center of attention is belong to Wahyono which have a title “Pemanfaatan Metode Deteksi Kulit untuk Aplikasi Pendeteksi Gambar Porno” (The Utilization of Skin Detection Method for Pornographic Images Detector Application), and i do vote for this poster as well 😀

Poster Session [Picture courtesy: Lidya Andari http://andarilidya.blogspot.com/]

Poster Session [Picture courtesy: Lidya Andari http://andarilidya.blogspot.com/%5D

I vote for Wahyono's poster \^.^v

I vote for Wahyono’s poster \^.^v


After praying Dzuhur (and Ashr) and having lunch, the next session is the main part of the conference: the presentations from keynote speakers 🙂

There are 3 keynote speakers that each of them are expert in their areas;

  1. Dr. Warsito P. Taruno; well-known as the inventor of cancer-fighting device.
  2. Dr. Yudi Utomo Imardjoko; a nuclear scientist who’s now currently serves as the President Director of PT. BATAN (Badan Tenaga Nuklir Nasional / National Nuclear Energy Agency of Indonesia). PT. BATAN nowadays become one of the suppliers for isotope global market. If i’m not mishear, Dr. Yudi said that soon PT. BATAN will change its name into INI (Ini Nuklir Indonesia / This is Indonesian’ Nuclear) to make it simple and more saleable 😀
  3. Mr. Suharna Surapranata (Special Guest Speaker); a physicist, former Indonesian Minister of Research and Technology, co-founder of Indonesian Scientists and Technologists Society (MITI), and had worked as a researcher at PT. BATAN.
Dr. Warsito's presentation

Dr. Warsito’s presentation

Mr. Suharna's presentation

Mr. Suharna’s presentation

The most problematic factors for doing business in Indonesia

The most problematic factors for doing business in Indonesia


The final of CISAK program is awards ceremony. The MC announcing 2 awards for CISAK’s participant; the best oral presentation goes to ITS (Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, my almamater :)) team with title “Study of the Lumpur Lapindo (Lapindo Mud) Potential as an Adhesive of High-Calorie Charcoal Briquettes), and the best poster award as predicted by many people goes to Wahyono with the title aforementioned above. Congratulation! \^.^/

Iwa gives best poster award to Wahyono

Iwa gives best poster award to Wahyono

Adji gives the best oral presentation award to ITS team (Yusuf, Frischa, and 2 others whom i don't know their names, sorry)

Adji gives the best oral presentation award to ITS team (Yusuf, Frischa, and 2 others whom i don’t know their names, sorry)


The Gala Dinner take place in KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) campus, 15 minutes by bus from UST. Before we enjoy the dinner, the MC introduce to us Mr. Sangjin Ko. Sangjin Ko is a native Korean person who can speak Indonesian very fluent because of his ever living in Indonesia. And the most surprising thing is, he has a book written on Indonesian with title “Rahasia Membuat Roti Sehat & Lezat dengan Ragi Alami” (The Secret of Making a Healthy & Delicious Bread with the Natural Yeast)!

Buku Sangjin Ko

Buku Sangjin Ko

You can enjoy his short introduction in a video i take here:


After having a very delicious dinner, i come home to Busan 🙂

CISAK 2012

CISAK 2012 [Picture taken from Sangjin Ko’ facebook]

10 responses to “CISAK (Conference of Indonesian Students Association at Korea) 2012

  1. Hafiz Muhammad Alfatih says:

    masyaAllah, semoga menjadi inisiasi dalam perubahan yang lebih baik ..

    barakallahu fikum ,,,

  2. Hanif Muhammad Alfatih says:

    great! bagus banget kegiatan PERPIKA 🙂

  3. Wah… mbak lagi study di Korea juga?
    kok kmarin gg ktemu ya waktu d CISAK
    pdahal kan bisa VIVAT ITS di sana… hehe 😀

  4. @Hafiz Muhammad Alfatih: Aamiin, insya Allah.. Wa barakallahu fiik.. 🙂

    @Hanif Muhammad Alfatih: Perpika 2011/2012 memang ahay! 😀

    @Patar Roy Fernandes Nainggolan: Yg datang CISAK kemarin buanyaaak banget, susah kalo mau kenalan satu-satu. Datang ke CISAK sebagai presenter juga? Atau emang kuliah di Korea? 🙂

  5. […] bertanya kami mau makan apa, karena tidak terlalu lapar maka saya hanya memilih sosis ojingo (persis kayak yang saya makan pas berangkat ke acara CISAK ini lho). Di dalam rest area ternyata ada Angelinus caffee, profesor dan lainnya memesan kopi, saya […]

  6. ini acara 5 tahunan teruskah? sepertinya event yang sangat baik jika dilaksanakan setiap tahun.

  7. […] yang pernah saya ceritakan di sini, CISAK (Conference of Indonesian Students Association at Korea) merupakan agenda tahunan dari […]

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