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Join ‘The Coffee Table Discussion’ Episode 6

on 2 April 2013
'The Coffee Table Discussion' Episode 6

‘The Coffee Table Discussion’ Episode 6

One of the reasons i went to Seoul last weekend {the story behind my trip can be read here} is to attend weekly agenda of Perpika Region 1 named ‘The Coffee Table Discussion’. The program was initiated by Widhi, governor of Perpika Region 1. Widhi proposed this program because she found out that for many Indonesian students got their Korean level goes nowhere while their English seems to get worse since have been living in Korea {i do feel the same!}. Another common case is we student got to do many presentations in English but still got nervous all the time {me either!}.

Inside Caffee Oui

Inside Caffee Oui

Participant of that week’s discussion are Widhi, Mirah, Ratih, Sherlia, Claudia, Panji, and i. The theme, chair person, and speaker person are different for each week. For this discussion, Sherlia as the chair person bring the theme ‘Cinema Time’. The discussion is divided into 3 sessions; here they are~ ^^

I never knew that Chocolate Mint is TEA, tau gitu pesen hot choco aja sekalian :D

I never knew that Chocolate Mint is TEA, tau gitu pesen hot choco aja sekalian 😀

1st Session

In 1st session, Sherlia lets us to pick a random number from 1-6 contains question. Each of us have 2 minutes (can be added 30 seconds) to explain our answer.

2nd Session

In this session, Sherlia divides us into 2 groups; it was i+Widhi+Mirah vs Ratih+Claudia+Panji. Sherlia gives 3 questions whic each group can choose one question to be discussed. Each group has 5 minutes to present the result.

  1. Why Indonesian movies can’t compete with other countries movies in International Film Festival?
  2. How to improve Indonesian movies can’t compete with other countries movies in International Film Festival?
  3. If you were a movie director, what kind of movie will you make?

My group choose the first question. Widhi as our representative explains to forum the result of our discussion. The reason why Indonesian movies can’t compete with other countries movies in International Film Festival are:

  • Limited budget
  • Lack of government support
  • Cultural difference
  • Not-so-good storyline, script, cinematography
  • Director’s limited experience
  • Non-commercial type of movie (maksudnya: film Indonesia nggak “menjual”)

Second team choose the third question. They brilliantly emphasize the question by changing ‘what kind of movie we will make’ into ‘what kind of movie we will not make’. Claudia and Panji as the representative mark on the words “We will not make sex-horror movie” and focus on exploring Indonesia’ cultural things then bring into the screen.

3rd Session

This is the time for the speaker person to deliver a 5-minute speech. Mirah is choosen to be the speech speaker for this week. As the tutor of Communication Management in Universitas Terbuka (UT) Korea, she shares some methods to deliver the message to audience effectively:

  1. Get the attention to you
  2. Bring interesting speech
  3. Give good impression
  4. Get the audience trust
  5. Give clear direction

Widhi’s Tips

Widhi closes the program by sharing any tips to summary the whole discussion. For the 2nd Session, she says that there’s no other way but learn our Indonesian culture better to create a good movies.  And she gives some tips how to be confident when delivering the speech:

  1. Don’t think other things except the main message of the speech. Get to the point only (by saying the important topic).
  2. Make eye-contact with everybody, not only with the judges. Everyone must get the same attention.
  3. Listen to other speaker carefully so we can give and get feedback.
  4. Smile even we make mistake (in grammar, word, etc). No need to say sorry when we didn’t prepare enough material for the speech.


Last but not least, each of us need to give feedback to others. Luckily, this is the feedback i got 😀

Feedbacks for me ^^

Feedbacks for me ^^

Indeed it was a good activity, we can gather with Indonesian colleagues, enjoy any beverages, and improve our English speaking skill. Thanks guys, i really enjoy the discussion. I hope someday i can join further discussion ^^

I remember that ustadz Felix ever said, “You called mastering a foreign language if you speak that language even in your dream. It means that you don’t need to think what word that comes next after the previous word.” >> True 😀

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