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Smoking: Hints and Insight


NO SMOKING [http://bit.ly/NVDfa3]

As you (maybe) know, i’m kind of person that have a big concern to cigarette and smoke since i was very young. Fortunately i was grow in a free-cigarette family. But when i see the world outside my home, it is very easy to find smokers around. In Indonesia, the country that i belong to, i believe cigarette is one of the basic needs in (especially) a man’s money allocation. *Oke, sori keminggrisnya, habis ini balik ke bahasa lagi :D* Read the rest of this entry »

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast


View from the rooftop of PNU Engineering Building 401.

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Tersebutlah Bunga, bukan nama sebenarnya, menuliskan isi hatinya… Read the rest of this entry »

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